Eigenes Genre: Teutonic Swing Metal
Heimatstadt: Lörrach
Kontakt: contact@v-hajd.com
"The First Strike " - The new 3-track EP of V-HAJD, the band of ex-guitarist Harry Wilkens of German Speed Metal institution Destruction. A first taste of the 2016 published full-length album.

All the band members have an experienced background in earlier Bands (Destruction, Violent Changes, Menace, Eyehatefish, Frantic on March). Music to them is a way of expressing themselves and new topics of their everyday life have a big influence in their lyrics and concept. From the beginning, is taken care to satisfy their own musical needs and to develop and implement stand-alone songs with hit character. The guitarists’ different way of harmonic playing is a characteristic trademark of V-HAJD. Bass and drums take over the rhythm section in a classical manner. Lyrically the band takes a critical reference to the everyday human madness and deals with the struggle for individuality and authenticity against foreign domination and oppression.

The name of the band is made up of the initials of the members' names in reverse order of the band-entry: V = Vocals - H = Harry / A = Alex / J = Jörn / D = Dirk. The band’s name corresponds to the English " We hate ". The vocals are sung by Michael "Meiki" Gallmann in a most professional manner. With this production, even a comparison with well-known bands is possible. The CD can be purchased for 5 euro / dollar at the contact address below. For 2016, the first live performances are planned. Contact details for organizers are below as well.
Schuetzenweg 5
CH-4104 Oberwil / BL
Tel.: +41 (0)61 401 31 39
Mobil: +41 (0)78 665 70 47
Web: www.v-hajd.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vhajd