Genre: Rock
Eigenes Genre: Rock
Heimatstadt: Würzburg
Kontakt: info@tt7-records.com
Cosmin Marica founded Q.Age as a band-project which gathers musicians like a family, expressing themselves in so many ways with the art of music.
Creating heartfelt music, born out of life’s true circumstances, helps them to maintain a positive attitude. They have noticed that people around the world also use their music, almost like a key, to experience something good.

"I m not the kind of person who digs surprises. I never really have. But Q.Age , well, this is an exception to the rule as a surprise that I love as it make a mocks of all the restrictive genre clichés and subverts expectation in order to create refreshing, energetic and immediate music that worms its way into your soul and dances all over your cerebellum. Like a more daring, playful and adventurous version of Throwing Copper era Live meets REM circa Green with a touch of Radiohead and Pink Floyd thrown in for good measure, Q.Age have ripped up the rulebook, thrown caution to the wind and in the process have crafted that all too rare commodity, a genuinely exciting and enjoyable rock record. Who knew that surprises could be this much fun? (Tim/ Mass Movement Magazine / England)