Genre: Rock
Eigenes Genre:
Heimatstadt: Kreuzlingen, Schweiz
n 2015 four experienced Swiss musicians founded the band Steelmade. Because of Joe William's tight drumbeats, Benjamin Fernando's punchy and funky bass, Jadro Bastalic's powerful and electrifying guitar and Paul Baron's strong and recognisable voice, a rock band started to emerge that covers several musical styles.
They recorded their first album with the support of lead singer Jack, who left the band for personal reasons in summer 2016. Fortunately the band didn't have to look for a new singer since their former lead singer Paul Baron returned from the USA and rejoined the Band just in time. Now Steelmade is back to their old strenght!
With support of award winning songwriter/producer Steve van Velvet, Steelmade has recorded their debut album at Kohlekeller Studios in Germany. After Steelmade has signed a recording contract with Timezone, the album wich contains 11 tracks, was named "Love Or A Lie" and has been released on May 20th 2016. Within just a few days after the release, "Love Or A Lie" was sold out on Amazon and had 3000 downloads in russia alone. The band is currently preparing an unforgettable live-performance and is working on new songs.