Original Richie Pong

Genre: Pop
Eigenes Genre: Reggae
Heimatstadt: Jamaica / Bergheim Erft.
Kontakt: B. Powell-Selbst
Singer & Songwriter is bookable for Live Shows, Open Air Festivals, Recording Productions, Jingles, Dubs,...
His preforming and style is original and unique.
Both musically and private - Roots & Culture is his mission ...
To every kind of Riddim this Artist knows to inspire the audience with his Lyrics.
This Rasta touchs with "Conscious Lyrics" and incoming melodies, always leaves a lasting impression and at times also a catchy tune. Skillfully "Mr Pong" rides on various instrumentals and crossover music genre.
Since 2011 Original Richie Pong takes the next step in his musical mission.. after countless guest appearances in Jamaica you can enjoy his preforming now live on Europe's stages ...