Massimiiano Paternò

Genre: Rock
Eigenes Genre: folk
Heimatstadt: Bologna
Kontakt: Massimiliano PATERNO ' Bologna Cell. 3387863215
Massimiliano PATERNO '
Cell. 3387863215

Massimiliano Paterno began playing the bass by himself at the age of 17 years. As in the rehearsal rooms and with the help of other musicians also began to learn the guitar, drums and percussion. He has deep admiration for the self-taught for excellence: Jimi Hendrix.
Recently he participated in the Clinic:
Guitar FINGERSTYLE conducted by teachers and MASTRANGELO DAVID PAUL GIORDANoChitarra Resonator led by guitarist and musician, Bob Brozman.
Artistic production conducted by Maestro Vittorio Nocenzi leader of the Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.
Electric bass conducted by Micheal Marning student of Jaco Pastorius and widely recognized as the best bassist in the world alone.
Since February 15, 2013 was released the single We like the hip hop on itunes and store digital label MTM Metamorfosi. The song U SUD is inserted in 2014 in the compilation Music resistant label Protosound Polyproject.
On april 2016 the album U SUD with sibeerecords.
On june 2016 the song U Sud is in Bongo Boy Beach compilation, american label Bongo Boy records with 10 international artists from all over the world.